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Refreshing your home with shabby chic furniture has never been simpler. Investigate our wonderful gathering of unique pieces. They will make a great addition to any home. Our store has a huge assortment of attractive pieces will please even the most discerning of tastes. Many pieces at our store are made of top-notch materials and are planned by experts who are highly recognised in their field. While looking for furniture in Sydney, peruse the range at Triple J Furniture.

The appearance of shabby chic furniture is genuinely one of a kind. However, over the years, this style has become popular with many stylists because of its versatility. The style is ideal for individuals who love to be eccentric, as well as with individuals who love a conservative look with a hint of uniqueness. The things that you can discover at our store will certainly give you ideas on how you can incorporate one off pieces into your design statement.

At Triple J Furniture, we go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. We are a top-notch furniture store in Sydney that is well regarded as having a great selection, great quality and great customer service. If you are looking for pieces that look matured or worn, you will find that special piece in our shabby chic furniture collection that speaks to your heart and brings your room together. You will see and feel the quality of the materials and workmanship when you shop in our store for your new furnishings, and you can feel sure that the style will look immaculate in your home.

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Paint plays a crucial role not only in terms of looks but also when it comes to improving durability. It also plays an important role in providing the furniture with a particular finish.

When you are thinking of buying shabby chic furniture, as we are one of the reputed and reliable professionals, it will suggest the importance of a good paint job. It will enhance its appearance.

There are numerous shades that offer the shabby chic look to the furniture. Some of them to try out are - Chalky White, Metallic Gunmetal, Champagne Gold with an antique feel, Clotted Cream, Dusky Pink, Nautical blue, and many more. We recommend you consult an expert or an interior decorator to get a detailed idea of what will suit the best. We also provide consultation services.

People often search for shabby chic furniture. Some of them even prefer having it. It is nothing except the same fine furniture with an appearance of signs of wear and tear. The purpose is to make sure that it will look distressed or or retro.

Shabby chic furniture is exceptional when it comes to designing the interior of the house. The best thing about this furniture is that it will fit into any place. The marvellous interior that it is going to give is compelling and attractive. There are several stores that are catering to this segment of the market as well.

If you are thinking of making your bedroom have the look of antiquity, then you need to plan out properly. It will include listing down the things that you are willing to keep in your bedroom other than the bed, wardrobe, a table, and a sofa set. It is also necessary to ensure that whatever you are putting into should have the same sort of design to make the entire room look uniform. Other than shabby chic furniture like a dressing table, bed, wardrobe, you can also keep a chair. This will definitely add beauty to the interior of the room.

Decorating a particular place in a particular theme has always been a challenging task. It will not only need an eye for detail but will also require immaculate planning. Merely buying shabby chic furniture is not going to help you attain the goal. Hence, each of the items you choose should complement each other.

Being the professionals associated with the field, we will also say that the placement of the furniture is important in defining the décor of the room. Therefore, if you are decorating your living room, we recommend you pay attention to every element present in the space for a flawless ambience. We provide professionals for consultation as well.

The difference between vintage and shabby chic furniture lies in the terms itself. While on one hand, vintage is associated with the time, shabby chic is related to the design style.

Often people are confused between this and consider hundred-year-old furniture to be shabby chic. But this is not the case. In fact, that hundred years old furniture is an antique one. The look and design of both these types are completely different. In simple words, if you see items having aged, distressed, or weathered look then it can be considered as shabby chic furniture. Before purchasing any of the types, one needs to be very sure about the theme he/she is looking to attain.

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