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Space Saving & Designer Timber Entertainment & TV Unit

The living room is the centre of the house for many people. It is the community area, where social interaction, play and relaxation takes place. As such, in this area we tend to keep all kinds of stuff handy–TV screens, media players, play consoles, stereos and speakers–not to mention the many disks, cartridges, books, and board games we collect to enjoy us.

It can be a challenge, especially if you really enjoy home media, to keep all these things in order. How do you fit everything in one place precisely? And how are you covering up or displaying the array of home media? So, a good TV unit from us is the thing you need to ensure an organised living room design with convenient media storage.

Buy timber entertainment units in Sydney

Triple J Furniture Store can help you select the perfect storage furniture for your home and guide you through a few simple considerations. We are the leading providers of timber entertainment units in Sydney. How we want our TV sets to work depends entirely on what we have to show and what we have to store. Do you have a simple configuration, maybe TV and books and ornaments? Or have you got a wide range of hard-wired gaming equipment? Are you interested in showing your stuff? Or you’d rather keep everything hidden?

The TV units that we offer can help you put the clutter away while allowing you to enjoy your TV viewing experience. The drawers and shelves of these units help you store your CDs, DVDs, games, and other home amusements without using much space. And these units are also helpful in hiding the messy tangles of electrical components and chords. So, by choosing to buy TV units from Triple J Furniture, you invest in the best quality timber TV unit at a lower price point. All you have to do is to choose the right unit with the right space and the volume of drawers to fit your stuff easily. Browse through our online store and check out the most stylish range of entertainment units in Sydney.

TV Units Available In Different Colours And Unique Features:

At Triple J Furniture, we offer a complete range of TV units, which differ in sizes, shapes, and other important features like storage compartments. Besides that, there are a wide range of choices of materials, colours, and functions of our pieces to choose from. We offer entertainment units of different colours to suit different interiors and to offer a contrasting look to the present décor of your home. The legs of these units are highly sturdy and available in styles like straight or tapered.

Take your living room furniture to a new level with a sophisticated timber entertainment unit in Sydney or TV unit from Triple J Furniture. The TV units that we offer are designed in such a way, which not only looks great but are also the perfect example of durable furniture that you can pass onto the next generation.

Why Should You Shop With Us?

  • Apart from having the best collection of timber entertainment units in Sydney, there are some other reasons to shop with us. We make it easy for buyers to grab the timber TV units as per their preferences at cost-effective rates.
  • Buyers can purchase these units online with a minimum amount of fuss and stress.
  • Once a person buys a product from us, we can ship it to his/her doorstep within the fastest time possible.

A clear understanding of the interior style of your living room is a good beginning since you finally determine your choice of television unit based on existing colours of floors, window coverings and furniture. Or use a smaller area to the most? Some things to consider are whether you want to go high up to the ceiling or keep it low. Do you want windows?

The idea of decorating your living room before choosing your TV cabinet is a good one because these factors should influence your last decision. Approach us for our high-quality timber entertainment units. We’ve the finest collection of entertainment units in Sydney and we recommend you to check us out! Call us on 0433 456 880 if you need more details.


The cost of a furniture depends on a variety of factors. Like in the case of any other piece of furniture, the cost of timber entertainment furniture also differs based on size, designs, and make. So, it means that if you have to invest in a sleek looking moderate-sized TV platform, you should be ready to pay for something affordable. With the increase in sizes, the prizes might jump accordingly. Wider units, or those made from better quality timber will usually cost more. You can expect to bring a functional and beautiful timber entertainment unit home by shelling out a little more than just a TV platform.

The best thing about timber entertainment units is that they combine the timeless appeal of timber with the sleekness of modern designs—highly functional and beautiful at the same time. Do remember that every timber entertainment unit store out there will be able to furnish a versatile catalogue for you but do not forget that not all craftsmen are blessed with equal skills. So, in order to make the most of the qualities or merits of timber entertainment units, make sure you choose wisely so that you get the best. Do substantial homework on the background of the stores. Read reviews. Seek personal recommendations before you make your choice.

The leading craftsmen out there generally take a few weeks to deliver an entertainment unit. However, you can always have a word with your dealer regarding a faster delivery –if at all, you need to! There are times when manufacturers are in a position to reshuffle their production schedule to accommodate new orders and deliver them within a faster time frame. All you need to do is ask your dealer whether they will be able to do so or not. There are times when customers hesitate to request a faster time frame even if they need the product to be delivered quicker than what the manufacturer has committed. Do not do that. At least, make an effort to find out about the options you have.

Yes! That is the rule of thumb. The tv entertainment unit should at least be a few inches wider than the television itself. That is quite simply because of the fact that a wider tv entertainment unit renders a substantial breathing space on both the spaces. With the emergence of the flat-screen television sets, the wider entertainment units have only emerged as common favourites of modern homemakers. They are wider and backed by substantial visual appeal as well. With comparatively shorter breadth, they fit in snugly in the relatively smaller modern homes as well. There are various designs available. Choose only ones that are wider than your television set.

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