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The Collection Of Coffee Tables From Triple J Furniture- The Perfect Place For Relaxation And Entertainment

The modern coffee tables can revamp almost any living room décor with complete ease. And the glass and wooden top coffee tables can also help you achieve a brilliant look with the refreshing designs that you want. Unassuming with the inherently functional focuses, our coffee tables work as the effective design strategy in living rooms when a property owner is looking to upgrade their place. Having the right coffee table can also help you rejuvenate your living area without greatly burning a hole in your pocket.

At our store, you will find the perfect wooden and glass coffee table available in different choices and styles that would complement almost any home design while not taking up much space.

Tastefully modern-styled coffee tables available at cost-effective rates:

We know that a cleverly placed and beautiful coffee table can highlight the interior of your living room. Therefore, at Triple J Furniture, we offer a complete range of practically designed and chic coffee tables. People can sip their favourite beverages in style in the morning or enjoy afternoon tea with family with their favourite TV show on in the background. The rates of the coffee tables in our store exhibit the use of the best quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

We understand that it is very common for the coffee tables to face different hazards like spills, glass marks, clumsy toddlers, or heavy items. Therefore, every glossy white coffee table that we offer in our store has a resilient quality for long-lasting appeal. The durable construction and beautiful finishes that goes into our tables are two other things that make us proud of our collection.

Coffee tables of different shapes and styles that you would love to have:

Here we not only offer highly functional coffee tables, but we also offer coffee tables available in different styles and shapes that suit both traditional and modern interiors. So, whether you are looking for a rectangular, circular, square, or hexagonal coffee table, we can supply one as per your needs. These tables are so beautiful that you can even use these to accent a room or stand as a mantle for a unique art piece.


A glass coffee table goes perfectly with a leather sofa. People often think that glass coffee tables and leather furniture limit the decorating option. But it is not true. When designed and placed carefully, both types of furniture blend subtly with the surroundings while working as the main focal point for different interior styles. So, whether you have a modern or a traditional décor at your property, leather sofa sets, and glass coffee tables can easily complement the style without overpowering it. All you have to do is to decorate around the things you have instead of trying to create a new style.

When you buy a coffee table, one of the major considerations is the height of the table. A simple way to figure out glass coffee table is to keep in mind the fact that the height of the coffee table must be the same as the sofa cushions. In case you find it oversized, then you must settle on something lower. It is also important to count on the space underneath the table where you can store things. So, while measuring the height of the table, measure the space between the bottom part of the table and the floor.

For constructing a glass coffee table, tempered glass is always used for safety. The primary reason behind it is that apart from being decorative furniture, coffee tables are highly functional. So, it needs to be constructed with a glass that does not break easily. Tempered glass fulfills this purpose. It is heated and then cooled for additional durability. So, this glass adds to the strength of the table. If the glass top strikes or breaks, the glass will shatter into harmless small pieces instead of sharp and large shards. Besides, tempered glass can withstand heat. So, you can easily keep hot drinks on your glass table.

For choosing a glass coffee table, you must have the question regarding the right shape and size of the table. But to decide, there are several factors that must be considered. First, the shape and size of the coffee table that is best for your space depend on the area where you are placing it. It means you need to figure out the spacing in the room. According to the general rule, you must place the coffee table at least 12-18 inches from the sofa or the chair. Besides, it is important to consider the space below the table to decide the leg spacing.

Matching your coffee table with the sectional becomes a tricky job, especially if you do not have any idea. So, if you are planning to buy a glass coffee table that matches with the sectionals, then here are several things you have to consider.

  1. If you have a corner or square sectional, then opt for a square or round shaped coffee table.
  2. In case you have a chaise or “L” shaped sectional, then you can buy an oval or rectangular coffee table.
  3. If you have “U” shaped sectional, then an oval, square, or rectangular coffee table will match perfectly with it.

Deciding the height and size of a glass coffee table is important before you purchase one. The standard height of a coffee table is around 40 to 45 cm. And the standard size of a rectangular-shaped coffee table is around 120 cm by 60 cm. According to the general rule of thumb, choose a table which is almost 2/3 of the size of your sofa. This way, you will use it as a centrepiece while leaving enough space on both ends. Apart from that, you can also choose the size of the coffee table depending on your daily use needs.

Although only a glass coffee table looks great and gives your living room an additional dimension, there are some drawbacks too. One of the major disadvantages of the only glass table is that the glass can break easily in case of very rough use. And this can be fatal if the table is constructed of normal glass instead of tempered glass. So, if you have kids or pets in your home, then this is not a superb choice. Another drawback is that glass coffee tables do not match with many home décor and flooring themes. So, there is a chance that you have to redecorate your home to match the table.

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