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Shop For Quality Storage Furniture Online in Sydney, NSW

The Triple J Furniture Store is a famous supplier of storage furniture in and around Sydney. We have extensive experience in supplying products of the highest quality to our clients’ satisfaction. In order to achieve timely and high-quality end results, our experts apply our innovative techniques and hassle-free processes.

If you are looking for top-leading storage furniture, we provide the easiest, cheapest and most secure storing solutions which will last for many years. Our storage experts look after catering our customers for their customised requirements.

Our storage solutions cover a range of products and meet the decorative design style, so you can find something for your taste and style. We also provide a range of storage sizes, including armoires, drawers, floating regiments, armoires, bookshelves and more. You will find what you are after by browsing through our wide selection. Whether you are looking for a storage option to pack stuff away or want to see it, our storage furniture enhances the aesthetic beauty of your home. You can tidily display your treasures in clothes and cupboards, or show them with pride on open shelves or in window display cases. We have many different types of options for you.

Our office storage solutions come in a range of styles to help you to find your favourite look and fit your other furniture. Our solutions enhance the usability and functionality of your spaces drastically.

We have several exclusive designs that you won’t find elsewhere. We offer the best storage furniture. Our price policy is based on budget-friendly products, and we invite you to order conveniently with us. Please contact us to get in touch with our professionals. We will be pleased to help you find the best solutions for your needs.


Storage furniture provides highly useful solutions for different circumstances, offering secure places to store different belongings for both long and short-term periods. So, whether you are moving abroad, moving home, or have a plan to redecorate your home, this storage will help you save time and to free up space.

Some major benefits of having this type of furniture are:

  1. The storage facility helps to save space in the rooms
  2. The storage furniture ranges are highly convenient for DIY projects
  3. These play an important role while moving from one place to another or shifting homes

No, storage furniture is not very expensive. But the cost of this furniture depends entirely on the factors like:

  1. Size of the furniture
  2. Use of material to construct it
  3. Other expenses like shipping and handling charges

The best thing about storage furniture is that you can have it in every space of your home. For instance, you can place storage furniture in your dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, or even in your bathroom. Some normal pieces of furniture include storage features, such as ottomans or sofabeds. These not only help to get rid of clutter, but these also look sleek and beautiful, which uplift your interior. 

Organising a kid’s room is difficult. You have to brainstorm a lot to decide where to keep their clothes, toys, and other accessories while maintaining space for them to play and move around. So, it is better to decorate the kid’s room with storage furniture. Some examples of storage furniture that you can choose for your kid’s room are:

  1. Storage bed or Murphy beds
  2. Wall shelves 
  3. Shoe cabinets
  4. Chest of drawers
  5. Shelves inside the closet with sliding walls for storing toys, accessories, and large items like blankets
  6. Storage bookshelf
  7. Pull-out baskets, or swinging doors for hiding mess

Even though you cannot add unlimited cabinets to your home, even if you need, you can increase the storage space by adding more storage solutions. Some options for storage furniture include storage beds, free-standing wardrobes, storage chests, kitchen cupboards, storage ottomans, wall-hung TV cabinets, medicine cabinets, and media cabinets, etc. You can either call a professional or do it on your own by purchasing store-bought inserts like lazy susans, plate racks, shelf risers, or vertical cookie sheet slots inside the cabinets. Besides, you can add some useful tools to the cabinets like tension rods or magnets, which have diverse applications.

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