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At Triple J Furniture Store we believe that dining room furniture can have an aesthetic design that will add vibrancy to any house or office space. We provide a wide variety of styles and designs in each dining bench, chair and piece of dining furniture.

Our simple designs reflect a lack of confusion, which creates a sense of relaxation and well-being. We improve everyday life by focusing on practical outcomes to maintain designs that are simple and highly functional. We use organic, environment-friendly materials and wood. We offer the selection of pieces that have an infinitely wide range of visual appeal and features.

Our dining benches and other dining furniture are highly affordable and great for Australian homes. You will find a wide range of bench seating with us, in terms of materials and colours.

Our design meets optimum functionality and comfort in a beautiful and simplistic way. Our furniture is a perfect representation of the amazing physical and natural landscape of the region. Our pieces reflect a balance between shape, function and nature.

Our stylish collection provides the perfect accompaniment for the retreat area of a home or office, ideal for relaxation and usability.

Peruse through our sophisticated set of furniture. Contact us if you have an inquiry into one of our pieces or on a product from our extended collection. We are glad to help you with any enquiries. We are always happy to assist our valued clients with accurate consultation.


Ideally, yes. A dining bench should fit under the table for obvious functional considerations. Please remember that choosing the right length in this case also adds to the beauty of your interiors. Tucking your bench in whenever you are not using your dining table is a space-saving proposition as well. Your dining bench should roughly complement your table measurement from between the legs. Make sure whenever it is tucked in, it is leaving a room worth 5-10 cm underneath the table. Whenever you are making an attempt to find out if your bench will actually fit into your space or not, make sure you calculate the total footprint occupied by the bench, aligned with the edge of the table.

You should consider a lot of factors before choosing a dining bench. The fundamentals will, of course, be the measurements and the visual appeal of the piece. There is a range of sizes made available for you. However, it is important on your end to ensure that you are prioritising key measurements to determine the exact length of the dining bench that you need. Consider the number of family members, the frequency at which you welcome guests at your place, etc. Do make sure you are choosing the right colour complementing your existing décor as well. If you are choosing a bench with a backrest, be sure to consider the availability of space accordingly.

Yes, they do.  Compared to a dining chair, a dining bench remains a more prudent fit for your home—especially if you have a larger family. Just imagine more people squeezing in on that bench! These units are available in myriad shapes, sizes, and designs. When you are not having your meals, you can keep your dining bench tucked in, thereby, leaving a lot of breathing space for your room. Dining benches are perfect additions for families hosting frequent house parties. Your bench will definitely be able to accommodate more members – especially if there are children. Choose a length that you think will meet your needs.

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