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Upholstered beds are on trend. They are not only sophisticated, but they also ensure enough that you have enough space for storage. Additionally, you would find it the most convenient to use. Are you looking for some setup like this for interior designing and sneaky, compact storage? Bring home a brand-new upholstered bed with a stunning design now!!

Triple J Furniture Store- Supplier of Quality Upholstered Beds

If you are one of those many who have been searching for a budget, quality, designer upholstered bed, then look none other than the Triple J Furniture Store. We have been in the business for over 20 years and are presently regarded as one of the reputed and reliable suppliers of upholstered beds and other furniture.

Triple J Furniture Store offers the most elegant and fashionable upholstered bed range. Our beds add luxury and sophistication to any room, whether it’s a genuine leather bed, a sun-drenched bed or a tufted fabric bed, upholstered in a fashionable colour.

What Makes us Special?

Being in the industry for years, we have understood the importance of being exclusive and different. Therefore, we bring to you some of the exclusive collections that can only be found at our store. Also, we keep an eye on the latest trends and designs and ensure that it only reaches to you in the best condition. We, the professionals at Triple J Furniture Store, also cater to custom made furniture. Get in touch with us to know more.

The following are some of the essential traits that make us special –

  • Our beds’ design blend with your interior style.
  • The flexibility and the innate sophistication ranges from bed to bed and hence this makes it a perfect focal point for any bedroom.

Our Products are our Pride!!

No where would you find such exclusive and quality products elsewhere on the market. When you buy a bed from our store, you are inevitably making an investment that would remain a part of the family for generations to come. We aim at providing you with the quality upholstered beds at the best market price without compromising on quality.

What is so Special with our Upholstered Bed?

You might have seen several pieces of upholstered beds at different stores or outlets. But you should surely always look to Triple J first; our collection is surely going to dazzle.

The main attraction of our padded bed is the elegance and comfort which complements the other soft furnishings in the room. You can choose from various upholstery fabrics, designs and colours, ranging from Gorgeous Genuine Linens, Luxurious Velvet, Versatile Linens, and what not.

Choose a round upholstered bed or a real leather bed frame for a sexy statement. You can also incorporate this as a focal point in your living area with any size bed that suits your room. Whatever colour you choose, you can incorporate the upholstered bed completely matching the theme and style of your room.

We have built-in storage upholstered beds, buttoned beds or even real velvet upholstered beds suitable for royalty. Our beds with timber frames and fabric ensemble bases are also upholstered. Upgrade your room’s style and have a really elegant tapered bed with our bedding solutions.

In a diverse price range, we offer you a wide variety of upholstered beds in all kinds. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for imported beds or a 100% Australian Made upholstered bed frame.

Get in touch with us. We are always going to provide you with the best beds. You can ask for custom beds as well. Call for more details.


Upholstered beds refer to beds with frames (consisting of both the headboards and foot) that are laced with velvet or faux leather or suede or for that matter any material other than timber. The upholstery is generally overlaid right on top of the padding. So, with an upholstered bed you actually have softer headboards. Now, one often associates upholstered beds with decorative embellishments – that inevitably add a dash of grandeur to these beds. One can easily recommend these designs (i.e. upholstered beds) to those who love reading in bed, sitting up. Anyone looking forward to this luxurious experience called “upholstered beds” can check out the myriad designs online.

You need to vacuum clean your upholstered bed. You will need a vacuum cleaner, a fabric cleaner spray, baking soda, dry cloth, and scented linen spray for cleaning. Ideally, you should vacuum your bed on a weekly basis. Otherwise, your headboard will have dust ingrained on it (after the dust has settled initially). The fabric cleaner spray will help you get rid of stains or marks on the headboard, if any. Make sure you are using a cleaner that does not discolour your headboard. You can check the effect of the cleaner on the concealed parts of your upholstered bed first.

You can use baking soda less regularly though. After using the vacuum cleaner, pour some soda on a dry cloth and pat on the headboard. You will notice the difference. The linen spray is used to freshen up the ambience.

Well, yes, upholstered beds are rather a better option than any regular beds as they provide extra comfort and safety. They never get unnoticed because of their attractive designs, and colours. An upholstered bed provides enough comfort for your body. The headboard especially provides the perfect cushion for your tired back and also lets you have well-rested sleep. The style quotient of these beds always remains on the top of the list. If you have kids at home, especially infants then these beds are completely safe as they come cushioned. These beds also come with storage options.

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