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Custom Built Wardrobes Online in Sydney

Imagine starting your day choosing your clothes in your own custom designed wardrobe!

Triple J Furniture Store is a reputed supplier Wardrobes in Sydney and suburbs. We take function and shape into account for our perfect wardrobe solutions.

We provide beautiful wardrobes according to your home style. We also help in matching the lighting themes of your room and carefully plan our solutions. We offer customised furniture depending on space, style, direction and budget for your home.

We offer wall mounted, dressed, carcass robes, and even stand-alone dressers as well as our large range of built-in coat solutions. We even work in rooms with limited or difficult and complex spaces.

We use the best humidity resistant and eco-friendly materials and use high-quality hardware with lifetime guarantees. We provide a number of door profiles and customise them to match your existing profiles. Our designers match the colours available on the spot or make recommendations based on their experience in interior design and architecture.

Our team of designers offers you the perfect solution whether you are interested in traditional or contemporary wardrobes in Sydney. We build furniture to complement your home. We have the experience of providing solutions in hundreds of projects in various styles over the years.

Our traditional wardrobes are famous or their elegant mouldings and profiles. Our modern ones are famous for neutral, minimalist nature. Regardless of your style or look, we will create a matching solution.

We specialise in custom designed wardrobes that fit your lifestyle and completely fulfil your specifications, from the internal storage layout to materials used. We take the time to understand your requirements and how you use your room. Then we create customised wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes. Our highest priority is your satisfaction. Come and have a look.


It is difficult to spell out the exact number of days in this regard. However, to start off with, do let us tell you that the duration of renovation varies with the kind of wardrobe that needs to be renovated. Every wardrobe is different and may take up a different number of days when it comes to renovation. However, on an average, it usually takes around 6-8 weeks to completely redesign or renovate wardrobes in Sydney. Women’s wardrobes, for example, might as well need longer to renovate than what men’s wardrobe may take. It is best to secure an estimate from professionals after you have spelt out your needs to them.

Though DIY wardrobe installation is not very common, it is not an impossible proposition either. It is best suited to a person with pretty competent carpentry skills. DIY wardrobe installation actually ensures that you’re making the most of the available space. However, needless to say, installing wardrobes in Sydney remains a cumbersome job. You need to exercise caution and precision in terms of measurements. If you are really considering DIY wardrobe installation, make sure that you have the due time to invest in such a project. Since you are not a professional, you should be prepared to shell out a substantial amount of time for the project – more than what a professional will require doing.

Please remember that regardless of whether you are choosing wooden or metal wardrobes, you will have to invest your time and energy in due maintenance. The key, of course, is to ensure that you are always keeping your wardrobes Sydney clutter-free. If you have invested in a wooden wardrobe, make sure you’re asking your craftsmen about the interval at which it should be polished and whether you need to use any particular cleaning agent to keep its sheen intact for years to come. Different types of wood (oak, pine, mahogany) might as well have different requirements in this regard. Do the same for metal wardrobes as well.

Just like refurbishment, the price of wardrobes varies with the size, design, and material that you choose. Let us tell you that you will not have to shell out a fortune for a decent wardrobe. You can get your hands on a visually appealing wall cupboard which remains the higher price range in this case.  The price range between $90 - $300 covers a variety of designs including wall cupboards, pantry combinations, hanger cupboards, drawer wardrobes, and other custom-built options. You can look up wardrobes Sydney online for more information in this regard.

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