Seat Your Guests in Style with a Brand New Rustic Furniture

During the time of our grandparents, if household furniture was weathered, it implied it had been around for ages, and most paints had worn off in zones and it had been scoured by various hands or scratched by being moved often. Furniture that fits this description was heavy furniture, which was well used and despite looking worn, it was highly prized as a well-loved family treasure.

Rustic furniture and distressed furniture – adding immediate narration to your interior

Today, distressed furniture is highly sought after as its aged appearance brings a sense of nostalgia and homeliness. Regardless of whether your home’s style is shabby chic or contemporary, pieces of distressed and rustic furniture and from Triple J Furniture will make your dwelling place inviting and welcoming. Including distressed furniture in any room will make a wonderful and warm environment for yourself and your guests.

Rustic furniture – distressed, but not dull!

Our website and store include a wide scope of rustic furniture – from distressed pieces with striking shading and decorated metal trim to light up your space to those things highlighting an endured, whitewashed look that fits the shabby chic or even a beachy style of home; you’re certain to discover a piece to suit your style.

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Rustic furniture employs twigs, sticks, and other natural materials to render a rustic look to your home. Rustic furniture has its origins in the ancient Romantic tradition. It was during  late 1800 when rustic furniture made its appearance in home décor. Today many artists employ the unusual combination of the rustic and urban elements of home furnishings to achieve the desired look for your space. As far as the style is concerned, let us tell you that rustic furniture may often refer to the discerning lack of craftsmanship involving minimally treated logs paving the way for unparalleled visual appeal for your home.

Rustic furniture adds a different dimension to your interiors. In earlier times (times of our grandparents) weathered furniture often implied that it had been there for ages. The “scratches” borne by these units were those that we left on them --- mostly. Either we moved them around too often or scoured them. The untreated or minimally treated distressed – rustic furniture has found its way back in modern homes. It has experienced a surge in demand because it evokes a sense of old-world charm and nostalgia. Rustic styled (distressed) furniture paired with decorous metal trim light can just be what you want for your new home.

Rustic interiors are all about the right combination of careless elegance and rawness of the natural ambience. Rustic furniture is often crafted with natural materials such as stone and wood and fabrics such as canvas. A few of the common elements of rustic style furniture are simplicity, solidity, artlessness, and rawness. You may find the liberal use of natural hues like green, brown, gold, and grey in homes with rustic interiors. Rustic homes are also known for doing away with modern interior elements like synthetic, plastic, and metal. Handmade creations (furniture, decorations, etc) are integral to these homes as well. Introducing a rustic touch to your home adds a different narrative to your interiors altogether.

The very idea behind introducing rustic furniture to your interiors is to add a touch of rawness and careless beauty to your home. Not all paints go well with rustic furniture. Deep reds, for instance, are a good choice because they add to the warmth of the rustic style furniture. You can also choose a mix of warm brown with a tinge of grey, a combination which works exceptionally well with natural stones. A “toned-down” gold palette will work wonders as well. Hazelnut cream, though, not as deep as red, remains an ideal choice as well because it adds the much-needed breathing space to your interiors.

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