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Buy Stunning Timber Bar Stools Online in Sydney

Do you need a bar stool for your kitchen or dining room? Are you in search of the perfect bar stool designed in a customisable format? Well, if so, then Triple J Furniture is the right destination for your type of bar stools. We have been a leading supplier of modern and timber bar stools in Sydney and all the adjoining areas.

Triple J Furniture- The Name you can Bank on for Bar Stools

Triple J Furniture Store has been in the business for years. Since the very first day, we have been a reputed and reliable name in the field of furniture. We have proven ourselves every now and then with our distinguished products and services, and now we specialise in supplying bar stools and accessories in Australia. Our bar stools are designed to meet various individual home requirements and business needs.

Our Pillars for Success

We made sure that the products we would be dealing with should meet the requirements and expectations of the people. Therefore, we deal with one of the most demanded furniture pieces- bar stools. Our multipurpose timber bar stools would come in handy and can be used in any place of your house. Also, if you are feeling tired and exhausted while working continuously in the kitchen, you can pull up a stool and sit to give yourself a bit of a rest. Such is the advantage of the product that we have.

What makes Triple J Furniture Different?

Triple J Furniture has been in the business for over 20 years. The following are some of the top reasons why we remain one of the top choices amongst the buyers as suppliers—

  • We provide a wide variety of products including high back and low back stools.
  • We also offer customised services to suit your preferences. With our innovative design approach, you can also rest your foot, to make your feet more comfortable as you sit.
  • We offer adjustable choices for your convenience and ease of use.

We take into account your requirements and hence, our collection complements your rooms and offers you a better view when you socialise, eat and drink.

Why Buy Designer Bar Stools?

The inner or outer frames can be used to add the decoration with our latest models. The counter seats can be added in any part of your home, where other types of furniture take up a lot of space. You can, therefore, move our bar stools easily around if necessary.

Your house might look dull without the presence of the bar stools. Timber bar stools can be a great addition- both from a value perspective and aesthetical sense. Bar stools from our top brands enhance the beauty of your home with an added functionality. Our straight chairs accentuate the room under any light fixture in creative ways. In fact, our range is designed to add light and decorative flair. All of our products use innovative technology to ensure a durable collection.

We are surely going to be your one-stop destination for all your different kinds of designer bar stools. Visit our store and explore one of the largest collections right from the comfort of your own home.

Hurry and contact us to get the elegant bar stools for your collection!


People often become confused between counter stools and bar stools. But getting the answer to this question will help you differentiate both.

  1. Bar stools are tall chairs placed in the bars that allow people to sit comfortably while enjoying their drinks from bar counters. Counter stools are designed for restaurants and here people can seat comfortably behind the counters.
  2. Bar stools are comparatively taller than the counter table. The usual height of bar stools is around 30”-36” and the height of the counter tools is around 24”-29”.
  3. Being taller than counter stools, bar stools include footrests.

The average space that you should maintain between bar stools and counters is 40 cm, but you can go up to 50 cm of space. Actually, there is no correct way to position these stools and counters. The primary key here is to leave a space so that people can sit and stand up easily without feeling crowded. But in case you have a small room, then you can even follow smaller measurements. In case you have a bigger space, then you can decide it based on the width of the counter or how many bar stools you will need.

Bar stools are named like that as these are mostly found in restaurants and bars. These stools are usually tall (around 30”-36” high) and these come with the designs to encourage casual conversations as here the people who are seated remain close to the eye levels of the people who are standing. This increases social interactions. Besides, these stools offer flexible seating arrangements compared to conventional chairs and therefore these can make space for additional seats.

Another probable reason is that sitting on these stools allows the drinkers to rest their elbows on the bar which is otherwise impossible.

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